At Kismet, we exist to create meaningful and engaging content inspired by our passions and those of our clients. We love TV. When we're producing reality tv we find the stories within the cast and in the field and we know when to produce and when to just let talent do their thing. We balance our trust in casting with an uncanny ability to create watchable, sharable TV moments and series-long story arcs. In post, we maximize those stories and find the most entertaining, dramatic, and hilarious ways to squeeze them into your fomat, your deliverable. From housewives to international locales, we've done it all. Our documentaries and feature films have appeared on Showtime, Cinemax, and Sundance Channel. We stick around for the commercials. For our branded, government, and corporate clients, we bring your vision to life and help tell your story in ways that will have your audience googling like mad to get to you. We excel in writing for and directing individuals who don't normally spend their days in front of a camera, to capture natural, charming, and professional looking content. And, nobody makes Pop Culture pop like we do. We're famous for connecting with talent and grabbing that golden soundbyte. From long-form interviews with A-list superstars to high profile red carpet races, we've got it covered.


We're a tight-knit and industry-tested team. Meet the creatives at the core of Kismet.

Greg Pace

Greg worked as Director of Production for Alec Baldwin's El Dorado Pictures in LA before returning home to NYC to create Kismet Films. He's an accomplished documentary and feature film producer and has produced countless hours of reality TV for Bravo, Food Network, VH1, etc. He's written, produced and directed corporate films, branded content and commercials for Frito-Lay, Pepsico, Pfizer, NYU, FEMA/Ad Council, and Cable Positive. Greg's pitches, meetings & interviews eventually change to chat-fests, people just really like talking to him.

Adam Abernathy

Adam's superpower as a writer/producer/director is his encyclopedic and prolific knowledge of all things pop culture. We guarantee you he's interviewed your favorite band... and he's probaby one of their fans, too. He's written & produced for MTV, NBC, Coachella, Circa, the Super Bowl, SXSW, SFX, the GRAMMYs, GQ, Fuse, VH1, Bravo, Bon Appétit, Bonnaroo, E!, Logo, Vanity Fair, Teen Vogue and tons more.

Aaron Goldfarb

Aaron is a novelist and the author of How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide, The Guide for a Single Man, and The Guide for a Single Woman. He also writes for Kismet Films, Esquire, PUNCH, and Whisky Advocate, mostly on the subject of drinking culture. His latest book Hacking Whiskey (Dovetail) will be released in September. Aaron is the great kind of guy who will buy you a drink and then give you the twenty reasons why you like it.